Marco AB was founded in 1935 by Sven Marcusson. Under his guidance, designs were developed to handle materials in industry. They were mainly various types of wagons and trolleys.

Marco ad from 1949
Marco ad from 1949
  • 1974 Sven Marcusson sold the company to new owners.
  • 1975 Marco bought another manufacturer of lift tables, Lyft and Transport AB.
  • By the end of the 70´s, the main products were lift tables, wagons and tippers.
  • 1987 Marco BV started in the Netherlands, with Marco AB as one of its owners.
  • 1991 Our former CEO, Rolf Holmgren and five others bought the company. For the next few years the company expanded greatly. Production and sales became increasingly concentrated around scissor lift tables and tippers.
  • 1994 Marco AB bought Jihab AB, a former manufacturer of scissor lift tables.
  • 1998 Marco AB became one of the owners of Saxon Lifts, UK, one of the leading manufacturers of custom-made scissor lift tables in the UK.
  • 1999 Marco AB bought Hymo AB, Sweden. Hymo AB, like Marco AB, is one of the leading manufacturers of scissor lift tables in Europe.
  • 2004 Marco Group became the majority owner of Saxon Lifts, UK.
  • 2006 Marco AB became the majority owner of our distributor in France, Marco Sarl.
  • 2008 Marco AB started a new sales organization in Germany, Marco GmbH.
  • 2009 Marco AB moved its production plant from Åby to Ängelholm.
  • 2009 Marco Group starts a production plant in Ningbo, China, to serve the Asian market.
  • 2009 Marco AB bought MH Modules in Ystad, Sweden. MH Modules are specialists in roller conveyor systems.
  • 2011 Marco Group AB started a new company in India, Marco Lift India Pvt. in Chennai.
  • 2013 Marco Group AB started a new company in Brazil, Marco Lift Brazil Ltda. in Sao Paolo.
  • 2014 Marco Group AB became the market leader in hydraulic lift tables in Europe, with 180 employees.
  • 2016 Marco AB was acquired by the Southworth group and became a member of the Vertical Positioning Group.