In the heart of Jönköping, Sweden, Nobia is building Europe’s most advanced kitchen factory. This 123,000-square-meter facility will become a hub of automation, leveraging state-of-the-art Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) designed by SoftDesign and Atab.

VPG's lift table solution
Marco’s lift table solution

The AGVs, complemented by integrated lift tables from Marco, perform a range of tasks, including efficiently transporting kitchen parts across different conveyor heights. This comprehensive automation setup enhances both safety and efficiency, poised to redefine manufacturing standards across Europe by 2024.

A Revolution in Automated Manufacturing and Intralogistics

Nobia’s cutting-edge kitchen factory represents a significant transformation in the manufacturing sector. Their pioneering intralogistics solution not only reshapes the production of kitchen components but also redefines European manufacturing standards. Central to this revolution are the AGVs, which maneuver parts across the production line with remarkable precision, smoothly adapting to varying conveyor heights.

Sara Gustafsson, SoftDesign's project manager
Sara Gustafsson, SoftDesign’s project manager

This seamless operation is made possible by sophisticated software and a robust communication network that enables 24×7 efficiency. Sara Gustafsson, SoftDesign’s project manager for the AGV project, oversees the initial fleet of 19 AGVs, of which nine are equipped with integrated lift tables to facilitate transitions between conveyors of different heights.

The Perfect Marriage: Software and Hardware

The success of the AGV solution stems from the combined expertise of SoftDesign and Atab in software and hardware development. Sara leads the software development that brings the AGVs to life, while Atab’s Magnus oversees the hardware elements, ensuring flawless AGV operations within the intricate logistics solution.

Magnus Olsén, CEO at Atab, emphasizes the importance of understanding the synergy between software and hardware in AGVs. This project marks just the first step in the evolution of AGVs in manufacturing and intralogistics. According to Sara, the current AGV platform developed by SoftDesign and Atab is safe, reliable, and fully customizable, making it a versatile solution for any company.

Marco’s Lift Table Solution: The Final Piece of the Puzzle

Completing the automation process is Marco’s lift table solution, enabling the AGVs to seamlessly adapt to varying conveyor heights. This component ensures the full automation of the intralogistics system. Sara underscores the significance of maintaining accuracy and tight tolerances to ensure a smooth transfer of goods. “Everything must fit,” she emphasizes, “all sensors must maintain control of the goods. When the AGV is tasked with moving parts to a conveyor of a different height, everything must work.”

The collaborative efforts of Nobia, SoftDesign, Atab, and Marco are revolutionizing Europe’s kitchen factory landscape. Their unprecedented level of automation showcases the potential of integrating cutting-edge technology into manufacturing and intralogistics, offering a glimpse into the future of the industry.

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