Auto dealer Klassikland in Münster, northern Germany, was looking forward to moving into its smart new two-story premises. One obstacle remained before construction could proceed: moving autos between levels. A ramp would waste too much space, both outside and inside, and an internal lift would eat into the most valuable indoor space on both levels.

Klassikland spotted that another dealer had solved the problem with an external lift, and decided they wanted a similar safe and reliable solution. “That’s when Klassikland contacted us,” says Detlev Dörnbrack, VPG’s sales manager for the region. “They accepted our proposal, and we got on with the job, working closely with the architect and the construction company.”

“They had a few hiccups with their construction schedule,” recalls Detlev, “But our flexible, problem-solving approach is designed to cope with those kinds of things. We delivered and installed right on time.”

Reliable operation in all weathers

Klassikland’s lift has been operating for some time now, working smoothly despite a scorching summer and a frigid winter. “The lift is totally galvanized, so there is no chance of rust,” notes Detlev. “The zinc finish also works very well aesthetically with the rest of the building, which pleases the architect.”

Protection against the weather is only part of the story, however. The lift also offers outstanding safety protection for both users and the autos themselves, with locking gates and barriers on the upper and lower stages. Safety interlocks ensure the lift cannot move unless everything is correctly positioned.

Detlev Dörnbrack, VPG’s sales manager
Detlev Dörnbrack, VPG’s sales manager

Precise customization

The whole system is customized for the building. “That is the advantage of working closely with customer, architect and builder throughout. We can all get the best out of the available space and technology,” says Detlev. “For example, the powerpack and controls are located inside the building. It is convenient for operators and maintenance, and obviously gives total protection against the weather.”

“It is very gratifying that Klassikland contacted us via an unsolicited third-party recommendation, which is the very best kind,” says Detlev. “And that we were able to overcome all the challenges we faced during construction and installation. Klassikland now have the safe, reliable, all-weather lift they were seeking.”

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