The mast driven lift/elevator (MDL Industrial) is the easy to install, freestanding solution for rapid vertical positioning without needing a pit. Our MDL Industrial design and construction build on our long experience to deliver cost-effective, long-term solutions that combine reliability and safety with flexibility and easy customization.

We launched our first industrial mast-driven lift, the MDL Industrial 350, a few years ago. Capable of lifting 1000 kg up to 3.5 m, our MDL Industrial 350 has become a proven favorite with customers. In fact, the concept is so popular that customers have been asking for more – not only extended lift height, but also greater load capacity.

The new MDL Industrial 550 alongside the original MDL Industrial 350

The advantage of modularity

“Our industrial MDL line has always been a modular solution,” points out Andreas Höglund, Engineer and Project Manager. “That built-in development potential has enabled us to offer a new MDL Industrial that builds on the strengths of the original to give customers the extra height and capacity they need.”

The new MDL Industrial 550 will lift 1500 kg up to 5.5 m. Compared with the original MDL Industrial 350, the MDL Industrial 550 has a 50% higher load capacity, and over 55% greater lift height. “This is good news for the many customers on our waiting list for this product,” says Sales Manager Stefan Petersson. “The combination of greater capacity and extended lift height will enable them to make big efficiencies in their factory and warehouse operations.”

As a further benefit of the development of the MDL Industrial 550, the MDL Industrial 350 will soon be upgraded to the same load capacity (1500 kg) as the MDL Industrial 550.

Safer than ever

“We have also seized the opportunity to make the new MDL Industrial 550 safer than ever. It is probably the safest solution on the market, in fact,” says Stefan. “A shot-bolt locking system controls the mechanism, and only allows movement in safe conditions.”

Savings at every stage

The MDL Industrial 550 also offers an accuracy of less than 2 mm. “Great accuracy, bigger loads and extended lift height– it’s easy to see why our customers are so keen to get their hands on the new MDL Industrial 550,” says Stefan. “They will be making savings at every stage, from purchase, through transportation, installation, and operation.”

The new MDL Industrial 550 is now available to order. Get further information or a quotation here

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