Increasing Productivity at Eksjöhus with new Lift Table
November 17, 2021
In Scandinavia and Northern Europe wood has been used to build houses for a very long time. In other parts of Europe it is not necessarily as common. However, things might be changing. Wood is quickly becoming an attractive resource in more and more geographical areas due to its circular economy, recyclability and “thinking green”. In addition, as people and companies are continuing to adopt flexible and remote work solutions, demand for houses is growing rapidly. In an attempt to meet market demand Eksjöhus has updated their picking station with a new lift table in order to improve safety for workers, increase productivity and ensure the best possible quality of their products.
Spotting opportunities for improved safety at Lindab Steel
November 17, 2021
Factories and production lines have always faced challenges when it comes to protecting workers and maintaining operations. Accidents, however rare, must always be prevented as far as humanly and logistically possible. The margin for error is often little to none. In work environments with heavy machinery and in Lindab Steel’s case, foil rolls sometimes weighing several hundred kilos, accident prevention is of the utmost importance. With help from VPG, Lindab Steel’s cutting machine has been equipped with a platform that safely lifts the operator to the appropriate working height instead of the operator using ladders and stairs.
How EVs are solving the last-mile problem
June 21, 2021
Unobtrusive little electric delivery vehicles (EVs) are disrupting the logistics business, as part of an exciting new solution to the last-mile problem. They are the final link between customers and the mega-warehouses and heavy trucks that are the backbone of modern logistics.
Improved lead times and competitiveness for USM
April 27, 2021
USM is the renowned Swiss modular furniture systems manufacturer for commercial and domestic markets. Its new facility in Leipzig brings assembly closer to key markets in Germany and other export markets.
Easy, safer pallet unloading improves ergonomics for Aritco
April 2, 2021
Aritco is an award-winning manufacturer of specialist lifts for public and home settings worldwide. When Production Technician Almir Cehic wanted to improve ergonomics and safety in the Stockholm production facility, he found the solution in the PalletPal spring level loader.
Auto dealer saves valuable space with external lift
April 2, 2021
Auto dealer Klassikland in Münster, northern Germany, was looking forward to moving into its smart new two-story premises. One obstacle remained before construction could proceed: moving autos between levels. A ramp would waste too much space, both outside and inside, and an internal lift would eat into the most valuable indoor space on both levels.
Vaulting high – and landing safely
November 9, 2020
Whatever the gymnastics discipline, whatever the exercise, a safe landing is vital. Not only to prevent injuries, but also to give gymnasts the confidence to attempt ever greater challenges.
Big savings from customized AGVs in manufacturing
November 9, 2020
Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) are already a familiar sight in distribution and logistics centers. Now manufacturing wants a slice of their cost savings and efficiency, too, alongside the industry’s other initiatives in robotics and automatization. “We are seeing that the market for AGVs in industry is clearly growing,” says Magnus Nilsson, Purchaser for Jernbro’s automation department.
Industry 4.0 –AGVs and the future of manufacturing
November 9, 2020
What is the route ahead for manufacturing? It is easy to say that it lies in the automated guided vehicle (AGV), and think that the problem is solved. That will not work. According to Prof. Anna Syberfeldt, today’s AGVs are too expensive even in the simplest applications. And too dumb for more complicated tasks.
Lifting the pressure on auto dealers
October 6, 2020
More models. More sophisticated. More specialized. That’s today’s auto world. A delight for auto owners, but a headache for outlets that need to move and maintain stocks of spare parts in expensive warehouse space...