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Conveying Innovation: How MH Modules and Marco Propel Efficiency in Material Handling

Nestled along the Swedish coast, MH Modules, in partnership with Marco, is redefining the material [...]

The Essence of Family Business and Continuous Growth: My Journey with VPG

Ever wondered how family business values fit into a big company? Meet My Hoffmann. Growing [...]

Celebrating 50 Years of Service: NKT’s Legendary Lifting Table Says Goodbye

In an age where most industrial equipment is replaced within a decade, it’s remarkable to [...]

AGV-Powered Efficiency: Elevating Europe’s Most Modern Kitchen Factory with a Cutting-Edge Lifting Solution

In the heart of Jönköping, Sweden, Nobia is building Europe’s most advanced kitchen factory. This [...]

Innovating Cityscapes: Introducing the “Hidden in Plain Sight” Movement

Revolutionizing Architectural Design with Invisible Lifting Solutions In today’s rapidly evolving world, architectural innovation is [...]

A Leaner and Safer Approach: 50% Efficiency Improvement

Under the guidance of Production Supervisor Flemming Pedersen, the production hall has evolved from traditional [...]

Growing Careers and Cultivating Success: The Inspiring Stories of Alexander and Fredrik

At our company, we take pride in nurturing growth and career development from within. The [...]

Leadership Transition in our EMEA Team: Pär Martinsson Appointed as New Leader and General Manager

We are excited to announce a leadership transition within our EMEA team. Håkan Nilsson will [...]

Largest and Safest Chemical Distribution Center in Northern Europe Unveiled

Warehouse X, which is part of a well-known retail chain in northern Europe, has recently [...]

Unlocking the Potential of Lifting Product Solutions for Your Business

Moving heavy loads or accessing hard-to-reach areas can be challenging without the right lifting product [...]

Improved Ergonomics via Unexpected Combination: Linde Material Handling

Material Handling Innovation often comes from finding ways of combining existing equipment, ideas, and technologies [...]

Taking Action and Fighting Childhood Cancer

The message hit Niclas Axelsson like a ton of bricks and truly pulled on his [...]

Green Changes for a White Christmas

With an ongoing energy crisis and climate change affecting even our parts of the world [...]

Lean Team Morning Meetings – Better Work and More Fun!

It is not always easy to introduce new routines when workers have been used to [...]

Unique Lifting Solution Saves the Exterior of Sweden’s National Stage ‘Dramaten’

When updating historical buildings with outstanding architecture you need to be careful to maintain the [...]

Copenhagen Zoo Cleverly Improves Visitor Experience with Scissor Lifts and Hidden Containers

It is early morning and outside the gates of Copenhagen Zoo a long queue of [...]

Is Your Company Ready for the New EN 1570-1 Standard?

Our industry is in a constant state of change. Methods, policies and standards of the [...]

Ambitious Intern Improves the DSS Customer Self-Service Portal

As part of her studies at Stanford University, California, Lettie Cabot spent a few weeks [...]

Nestle Improves Efficiency and Safety with Mast-Driven Lift

The food industry has adapted and reinvented itself many times over in order to meet [...]

School, Work Experience, and the Perfect Weld

“There is a lot that goes into the perfect weld,” says Hugo, who has just [...]

New Memorial Scholarship in honor of James “Jim” Galante

No matter which industry you are in you will come across people who share their [...]

Customer Influence and Great Savings with New Levitator Platform

Any company that invents their own products knows that coming up with new product ideas [...]

Groundbreaking AGV Solution of CPM – Dürr Group Increases Ergonomics and Flexibility

The car manufacturing industry has gone through many paradigm shifts over the years. Globalization, new [...]

Custom Work Stations Increase Efficiency at Large Distribution Center

Few industries are busier than the daily wares and food industry. What happens in this [...]

Thank You Milling Machine – Welcome New Lean Factory

It can be a challenge to retire and sell equipment that has been a part [...]

Helping Retail Leader Biltema Increase Safety and Optimize Logistics

Biltema’s inventory has impressed Nordic shoppers for many years now. No matter if you are [...]

Top Tips to Increase the Lifetime of Your Lift Table

Taking good care of equipment and performing regular maintenance is crucial for any company or [...]

Increasing Productivity at Eksjöhus with new Lift Table

In Scandinavia and Northern Europe wood has been used to build houses for a very [...]

Spotting opportunities for improved safety at Lindab Steel

Factories and production lines have always faced challenges when it comes to protecting workers and [...]

Lift Tables help Toyota improve Efficiency and Work Environment

As a manufacturer of trucks, forklifts and stackers, Toyota must be flexible to cope with [...]