In an age where most industrial equipment is replaced within a decade, it’s remarkable to find a machine that has been in operation for 50 years. At NKT, a company with a rich history dating back to 1891 and a global leader in sustainable energy transmission, one such machine stands out.

A lifting table, M1 010090-D1 model manufactured in 1973 by VPG, has been a faithful companion to the NKT team for half a century, enhancing ergonomics and preserving worker health in the maintenance area.

The M1 010090-D1 lifting table, dependable for decades and built for the future.
The M1 010090-D1 lifting table, dependable for decades and built for the future.

The Importance of Quality and Longevity

Stefan Molander, the maintenance manager at NKT, is no stranger to quality and longevity in equipment. Having previously worked at SKF, a globally recognized bearing and seal manufacturer, Stefan has held numerous roles, including production manager and maintenance engineer.

“To me, quality is about dependability. It’s about having machines that consistently perform their tasks without fail, at a reasonable cost,” Stefan explains. “Good equipment is robust, reliable, and stands the test of time.”

The Secret to a Machine’s Long Life

Throughout his career, Stefan has seen many lifting tables in action, appreciating their sturdiness and ergonomic design. The secret to their longevity, he believes, is preventive maintenance. “Being proactive is key. Machines must be properly maintained, serviced according to their schedules, and repaired using original parts. No shortcuts,” Stefan advises.

Stefan Molander, overseeing quality and longevity at NKT.
Stefan Molander, overseeing quality and longevity at NKT.

NKT’s 50-year-old lifting table exemplifies the outcomes of such diligent care and top-quality manufacturing. When the table needed a new safety bar, the company turned to VPG for a replacement. After careful consideration, however, NKT decided it was time for the old favorite to retire.

The End of an Era, but a Legacy Lives On

The decision to retire the lifting table wasn’t made lightly. Its five decades of reliable service were a testament to VPG’s quality. But as Stefan explains, “It’s time for a change. We’re currently renovating our production facility, and as much as we appreciate the long service of our lifting table, we decided to let it retire.”

As the world moves towards a greener future, NKT continues to play a crucial role in connecting people and industries through sustainable energy transmission. And while the beloved lifting table may be retiring, its legacy lives on as a shining example of quality and reliability.

The 50-year lifespan of NKT’s lifting table is not just a remarkable achievement; it serves as a testament to VPG’s commitment to quality, reliability, and exceptional craftsmanship. In an industry where reliable, high-quality equipment is essential, VPG’s lifting tables have proven to be one of a kind.

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