Nestled along the Swedish coast, MH Modules, in partnership with Marco, is redefining the material handling industry through innovative conveyor solutions and advanced lifting technologies. Emphasizing efficiency, safety, and adaptability, they are not just responding to industry changes but actively shaping the future.

Pioneering Material Handling Solutions

MH Modules has distinguished itself in the industry with its advanced conveyor solutions. “Our systems are more than equipment; they’re the lifeblood of industrial operations, enhancing both efficiency and safety,” Peter Nilsson, CEO at MH Modules explains. The company’s range of solutions extends from simple conveyor belts to complex, automated systems together with machine and system builder, each designed to meet varied and intricate industrial requirements.

Versatile Conveyor Solutions: Small, Medium, and Large Systems

MH Modules demonstrates its industry-leading expertise with an extensive range of conveyor systems, designed to meet the diverse needs of various industrial applications. Central to these systems are innovatively designed modules, which can be easily customized and combined to create scalable, full-scale solutions for quick and efficient material handling.

“Each part of these systems can be finely tailored to meet specific requirements, ensuring a perfect fit for the customer’s unique needs,” says Peter Nilsson. “By utilizing the base design of these modules, MH Modules offers the advantage of shorter development times and rapid order fulfillment. This approach not only accelerates the delivery process but also ensures the customer benefits from well-proven, reliable parts that have stood the test of time.”

The product series is structured into three distinct module lines, each tailored to different load capacities:

  • Small Conveyor Systems: Ideal for lighter operations, these systems handle loads of up to 100 kg/sqm. They offer agility and efficiency, perfect for simpler tasks.
  • Medium Conveyor Systems: Crafted for more demanding tasks, these systems can manage loads up to 500 kg/sqm. They provide robustness and are versatile for a broader range of applications.
  • Large Conveyor Systems: Engineered for heavy-duty usage, these systems effortlessly manage loads up to 1500 kg/sqm. They are suitable for the most challenging industrial environments, where strength and durability are paramount.

With this combination of customization, speed, and proven reliability, MH Modules’ conveyor solutions stand out as a superior choice for businesses looking to optimize their material handling processes.

Integration of Marco’s Expertise

A crucial aspect of MH Modules’ success is their collaboration with Marco. “Marco is not just a supplier; they’re an essential part of our team,” Peter details. The integration of Marco’s high-quality lifting tables and vertical positioning systems with MH Modules’ conveyor solutions significantly boosts functionality and safety. “With Marco’s lifting tables, we’ve seen a remarkable increase in operational efficiency and a substantial decrease in safety incidents. This partnership is more than a business transaction; it’s a strategic alliance that brings real value to our clients,” Peter proudly notes.

Adapting to Industry Dynamics

The material handling sector is continuously evolving, with trends like automation and reshoring shaping its future. “We’re at a critical junction, and our conveyor solutions are designed to be adaptable and scalable,” says Peter. The company’s ability to customize and innovate allows them to respond effectively to these market changes.

Peter Nilsson’s Vision

Peter has ambitious plans for MH Modules. “Our goal is to transcend manufacturing; we aim to be a partner in our clients’ success,” he asserts. He envisions the company as a pioneer, setting the standards for efficiency and innovation in the material handling industry.

The Electrification Wave and MH Modules’ Innovation

Electrification is revolutionizing various industries, and MH Modules is at the forefront with its innovative electric pallet system. “The shift towards electrification is not just about eco-friendliness; it’s about enhancing efficiency and dependability,” Peter clarifies. Their new electric pallet system, a shift from traditional pneumatic solutions, is a testament to their commitment to cutting-edge solutions in material handling. “This system is compact, operates flawlessly in extreme temperatures, and exemplifies our dedication to innovation,” Peter adds.

Embracing the Future

MH Modules continues to innovate and adapt, actively shaping the future of material handling. “Our journey of innovation is ongoing and dynamic,” Peter reflects. “Whether it’s capitalizing on the reshoring trend, pioneering in electrification, or strengthening our partnerships, we are dedicated to leading the material handling industry into a new era of efficiency and sustainability.”

The PA1500 Lowbuilt conveyor, an ergonomic workstation solution with a Marco lifting table and a pallet drive roll, addresses the need for worker safety and efficiency in tight spaces, capable of handling up to 1500kg up to 1200mm.
The PA1500 Lowbuilt conveyor, an ergonomic workstation solution with a Marco lifting table and a pallet drive roll, addresses the need for worker safety and efficiency in tight spaces, capable of handling up to 1500kg up to 1200mm.

Innovating Today for Tomorrow’s Efficiency

With a commitment to innovation, quality, and collaborative growth, MH Modules and Marco are not just meeting the evolving demands of the industry; they are crafting the future of material handling.

“We invite you to join us in this exciting journey. Discover how our solutions can transform your operations, elevating them to unprecedented levels of efficiency and safety,” concludes Peter Nilsson.

Fact Box: MH Modules Product Overview

Small Conveyor Systems: Broad range from shaft driven-, flat belt driven systems, to unpowered conveyors and cog belts.

  • AX100 Roller Conveyor Unpowered
  • FR100 Flat Belt Conveyor
  • KRT100 Lifting And Lowering Cog Belt Conveyor With Lift And Rotate Device
  • ZP100 24V Pressureless Accumulation
  • BT110 Belt Conveyor

Medium Conveyor Systems: Chain driven- and gravity roller conveyors.

  • KE500 Roller Conveyor With Curve 90Degree
  • KE500 Gravity Roller Conveyor

Large Conveyor Systems: Chain driven-, Plastic belt-, and Gravity roller conveyors.

  • PA1500 Double Transveyor
  • PL1500 Plastic Belt Conveyor With Support Roller
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