Turntables are kept busy in most warehouses and distribution centers. They are often taken for granted, which means the extra costs incurred by inefficient performance can be overlooked. Our new PalletPal low-profile disc turntable delivers high levels of efficiency and ergonomics. It is an ultra-safe package that offers valuable savings of up to 40% on pallet loading times. Plus a uniquely low (24 mm) profile.

Ergonomics and efficiency save time

Pallet loading/unloading accounts for a lot of time (and therefore costs) in distribution and logistics operations. Our new PalletPal low-profile disc turntable makes rotating the pallet quicker and easier than ever. You have the advantage of safer, more efficient near-side working. And not least, you do not need a power source.

Promotes safe, ergonomic near-side working

“Our new solution offers completely new possibilities in warehouses and logistics,” says Carl-Johan Fogelberg, R&D Manager. “The PalletPal low-profile disc turntable has a bearing system that makes it quicker and easier than ever to rotate the pallet. At the same time, it promotes safer, more efficient near-side working methods.” As an additional safety feature, an integrated over-crossable brake prevents rotation of the unloaded disc.

Soaks up heavy treatment

The turntable is designed and constructed to soak up the heavy treatment it can expect during a long working life in industry. “We have used heavy-duty components to ensure years of low-maintenance, trouble-free service,” says Carl-Johan. “We have balanced that carefully with non-welded construction in key areas. Our aim has been to speed and simplify service and maintenance, which cuts costs even further.”

The new turntable has a distinctive and durable high-visibility gold-color finish. Key components are galvanized after formation to withstand harsh conditions. “We have built enormous strength into this product by precision-punching and bending the outer segment, for example,” says Carl-Johan. “But although its capacity is 2000 kg, the disc is only 24 mm high. That means you can load it easily with a pallet jack.”

Available ex-stock

The new turntable is backed by our impressive two-year parts and labor warranty. It is one of our high-volume products, available ex-stock with short delivery times. You can learn more about the PalletPal low-profile disc turntable from the product sheet. And check out the full installation manual. Then contact us for a detailed quotation.

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