lift table
load-lifting device with a load supporting platform rigidly guided throughout its travel (e.g. guided by its own mechanism)

fixed lift table
lift table intended for installation in a fixed location

movable lift table
lift table that can be moved easily from location to location

mobile lift table
lift table made mobile using one or more integrated devices (e.g. wheels, air cushions, etc.)

guided mobile lift table
lift table that runs on a pre-set route, (e.g. on rails, in tracks, etc.)

self-propelled lift table
lift table, other than vehicle mounted, that can move horizontally under its own power

automatic program controlled lift table
lift table designed for lifting goods only where movement is not initiated by hold-to run manual controls (e.g. self- levelling, etc.)

part of the lift table (including connecting/bridging plate) designed to accommodate the working load and/or persons; fork arms are considered as a load platform for goods only

vertical travel
vertical distance between the highest and the lowest working position for which the lift table is designed

rated load
load that the manufacturer has guaranteed that the machine will lift when used in accordance with the instruction handbook

part of the machine specifically used to provide protection by means of a physical barrier

safe by position
condition when a lift table or part of a lift table is sufficiently shielded from access to avoid any hazard to persons or goods

emergency stop control
component of emergency stop equipment that generates the emergency stop signal when the associated manual control (actuator) is operated

operator carrying lift table
lift table whose platform is entered by operator(s) for the purpose of loading or unloading or on which an operator may travel and is provided with controls on the platform

maximum working pressure
highest pressure in the hydraulic or pneumatic system or part of system at which it is intended to operate under normal working conditions with the rated load

person trained to operate the lift table safely according to the manufacturer’s instructions

remote control
cable-connected control that is not situated on the platform of the lift table

restricted area
area to which access is restricted to persons authorized to be in that area and that is not accessible to the general public

travel zone
space through which the lifting mechanism and load, platform and any attachment to it moves

public areas
areas to which the public have access

hinged connecting plate
plate mounted on the edge of the platform by a hinge to connect the platform to a landing

unassisted hinged connecting plate
hinged connecting plate that is entirely manually operated

assisted hinged connecting plate
hinged connecting plate that is counterbalanced by spring force or weights to reduce the manual effort of operating the plate

power-actuated hinged connecting plate
hinged connecting plate that requires no manual effort to operate

split-hinged connecting plate
hinged connecting plate that is divided into two or more sections

full enclosure
where the whole of the travel zone of the lift table is protected with rigid panels to make the lift table inaccessible when operating