Bilpunkten is a new and used auto dealership in Nyköping, about 100 km south-west of Stockholm. That is the business in a nutshell, but as owner Magnus Redlig explains, it does not tell the whole story: “We love autos, especially old ones. I used to renovate them as a youngster, and I have never lost that enthusiasm. Our auto sales business is one thing, but we also wanted to share our great enthusiasm for the old models with like-minded people. Nerds, in other words!”

Leisurely exploration

The display space at Bilpunkten was devoted to new autos, mainly German brands. Magnus decided to build a new upper floor for displaying classic autos. “But not just a parking area,” he says. “We wanted to create a relaxed, living-room atmosphere with just a few autos for people to explore in a leisurely way.”

The new floor is not regarded as a strictly profit-oriented operation, but it still demanded a rigorously professional approach. “We contacted JJ Gruppen, and their design really was our dream come true,” Magnus recalls. “Perhaps the biggest challenge they faced was getting our treasured old autos to and from the upper level.”

Ramps an unsatisfactory solution

Jan Johansson, CEO at JJ Gruppen, points out that while ramps seem the obvious solution for moving autos between floors, they do have several disadvantages: “First, ramps take up a lot of space on both the ground and upper levels. At ground level, they occupy valuable real estate. And on the upper level, the entry/exit zone really eats into the space available. Second, constructing ramps is expensive and time-consuming.”

Engineering support from go-to supplier

JJ Gruppen recommended a lift table solution. “VPG were our natural choice for the lift table. We have worked with them for years, and we know we can always rely on their lift tables just as much as their problem-solving engineering skills. They are our go-to suppliers for safety, efficiency and reliability,” says Jan.

The result is a scissor lift table in an elegantly designed shaft that complements the quality of the auto engineering on show. “We have just six autos in 250 sq m,” says Magnus. “The focus for us in this aspect of our business is enthusiasts’ interest, not volume sales. Even so, we have recently sold a ’75 BMW 3.0 CSI, a ’71 VW cab and an ’85 Mercedes 500 SEC – all beauties!”

“I would not usually be very interested in lift table designations, but as a big BMW fan I was amused to discover that my new model is VPG’s… M5!” says Magnus.

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