Innovating a new lift table platform

Carl-Johan Fogelberg, Technical Manager at VPG
Carl-Johan Fogelberg
Technical Manager at VPG
You do not always have to innovate from the core. There are many developments out there just waiting to be noticed, combined, and exploited as innovative new solutions. “There is no need to keep re-inventing the wheel,” observes Carl-Johan Fogelberg, Technical Manager at VPG. “Our new Hybrid tables are an excellent example. At a quick glance, they look similar to our other lift tables. But a new universe emerges when you look at the details. Alongside the many refinements and improvements, we have introduced an innovative new bottom frame – and it all adds up to something really special.”

Smart technology and manufacturing

“Our goal was to create a new platform dedicated to mass production. We started with two big improvements, taken from other lift tables. And on top of them we added lean manufacturing, enabling us to make the product faster and with higher quality.”

The first major improvement was the smart wheel system, which enables you to tighten and lock the wheels with just a screw. The second was the stable inner scissors that also function as a tipping stop in the bottom frame. “Alongside them we created a manufacturing infrastructure that enables us to create tables much faster and with much higher quality. And believe it or not, with much greater flexibility,” says Carl-Johan.

Weld-free for flexibility

Key to the Hybrid table is the innovative new bottom frame, which has weld-free bolted construction. “That is ideal for mass production. Customers benefit from economies of scale, while our more flexible production enables us to respond more quickly as their needs change,” points out Carl-Johan. “It is also easy to add any kind of accessory because we can simply punch the appropriate holes.”

Geared to modern ERP systems

There is yet another dimension to the new Hybrid tables: integration into the ERP system. “We have designed all the documentation and servicing as a structure aligned with the new ERP system we are developing,” says Carl-Johan. “It gives us a superb base for future optimization and improvement. With everything made modular, we can quickly identify weaknesses or areas for improvement. We can make changes without delay, with full traceability that gives us insights that once we could only dream of.”

And the future? “There is much more to come,” says Carl-Johan. “Watch this space – literally! You will be able to read about it in these newsletters first.”


  • Standardized squeeze-safe frame comes ready for fitting
  • All parts unpainted, configurable to order
  • Selected high-volume tables available for immediate ordering
  • New hydraulic package ready for fitting
  • New low-friction cylinder for faster no-load lowering
  • Base for new ERP
  • Modularized article numbers
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