The Fusion of Two Giants

In an effort to serve our customers even better, we’re excited to announce that Saxon Lifts, previously an esteemed brand in its own right, has now become a part of the Marcolift family. As members of the pan-European VPG, this integration amplifies our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

What This Means for Our Customers

Your trust in Saxon has been paramount, and we want to ensure a seamless transition for all our loyal customers. Although Saxon Lifts will no longer be available as a standalone brand, the core values, and excellent services you’ve come to expect will not only continue but be enhanced under the Marcolift brand.

  • Unchanged At Heart

    While our online presence is evolving, rest assured that the people and premises you’ve familiarized yourself with will remain the same. We’re here, as always, dedicated to serving your needs.

  • After-Sales, Service, and Maintenance

    Our commitment to after-sales, service, and maintenance remains unwavering. On our new website, customers will find a dedicated section that caters specifically to their post-purchase needs, ensuring longevity and optimal performance of their lifts.

The Future is Bright with Marcolift

We look ahead with great anticipation, equipped with more resources, and backed by the combined expertise of Saxon and Marco. We aim to elevate every experience you have with us and extend the great value you’ve always cherished.

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