It can be a challenge to retire and sell equipment that has been a part of your facility for a long time. There are practical and financial hurdles to overcome, sometimes sentimental ones too, but in order to update your operations you sometimes need to get rid of the old. We humbly thank our milling machine for its faithful service and instead welcome a new, updated and lean flow machine hall including new welding stations.

“We have needed to expand our welding capabilities for a while and this project will solve that and more,” says welding manager Jimmy Sjöstrand. “The main issue is that we have not been able to keep up with incoming orders. Updating our facilities will allow us to not only increase our capacity significantly but also create new, modern and efficient work spaces,” Jimmy continues.

The old milling machine leaving the company
The old milling machine leaving the company

What does this mean? Initially, four new welding stations will be built and the whole work space will be repainted and new lighting will be installed. There are multiple tenders in circulation for a new a welding extractor, cranes and more. The goal is to create a modern, lean manufacturing flow to maximize productivity and improve working conditions.

More details on the project, such as the layout and design of the hall, will be shared shortly.

“This year will bring a lot of new and exciting developments and updates. We know that it will raise the bar for quality internally — Which in time will lead to, among other things, more and happier customers,” Jimmy concludes.

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