Whatever the gymnastics discipline, whatever the exercise, a safe landing is vital. Not only to prevent injuries, but also to give gymnasts the confidence to attempt ever greater challenges.

As performance standards rise, so do the risks. And these days, sports halls built around safety are increasingly the norm. Sports hall development is well advanced in the Nordic region, which is a gymnastics stronghold. One notable example is Molde Turnhall, the gymnastics hall in Molde on Norway’s west coast.

Planning and exploring designs for the artistic and team gymnastics hall began in 2018, with the local gymnastics club also devoting a lot of time to fundraising. Opened in 2020, the hall is now a fine example of a building with premium safety that enables top-level gymnasts to perform at their best.

Flexibility – vital for safety as well as for gymnasts!

“But it’s not just the experts we have to consider,” says Rikard Lindén (Gymnastics Product Champion and Sales Manager, Indoor LEG Gymnastics Equipment, at Unisport). “With gymnastics becoming increasingly popular, sports halls also have to take into account different levels of ability and different age groups, including children.” Children in particular are major participants in the sport, whose popularity is quickly growing across the world.

Unisport is a one-stop partner for sports facilities and equipment across most of the Nordic region and the UK. The company offers inspiration, product development and consultancy services around sport facilities and equipment, including turnkey sports halls. “Our first priority is to help people move and to build a healthier society,” says Rikard. “For gymnastics, this spans everything from purpose-designed sports floors to the equipment and the safe landing after the vault.”

Ingenious technical solutions complement athleticism

Rikard Linden Unisports
Rikard Linden Unisports

“We were called in at an early stage in Molde,” he recalls. “We were keen to help because gymnastics safety has moved on a long way. It was a few scattered cushions in the old days, but now we have ingenious technical solutions for absorbing energy during landing.”

At Molde, the solutions include Marco lift tables, which move landing zones to the appropriate height for the discipline and exercise. “One solution is used for the tumbling track, and another for the trampette/trampoline area,” says Rikard. “Our customer is very happy with the results – and the improved performances they are making possible.”

Watch how safe landing zones were created at Molde Turnhall (YouTube, 5 mins)

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