Re-thought. Re-designed. Refreshed.

Welcome to our new website, now an even more accessible and useful resource for everyone in the world of vertical positioning. “Our first ambitions were simplicity and a clearer focus,” says Henrik Ewetz, Market Communications Manager. “Now we want to become a living resource where we share best practices, new ideas, and innovative solutions.”

“Vertical positioning is all about safety, reliability, and efficiency. These will be a constant presence on the website going forward,” Henrik says. “With all our experience and expertise to draw on, we have a solid program of unmissable content to come.”

Better online services

Stefan Petersson, Market Director, points out that improved online services are now available. “Our new website enables us to handle online requests for information, service, and support more quickly and more effectively,” he says. “I am sure all our customers will appreciate the improvement. It will speed up their access to the safe, reliable and efficient vertical positioning solutions they need.”

Informative newsletters

“A good way to start is to subscribe to our regular newsletters,” says Stefan. “Every edition has features such as case stories to learn from, helpful advice from experts, plus articles about the world of vertical positioning.”

Subscriptions are free of charge, and you can unsubscribe at any time. Sign up here.

Sneak preview of our new mast driven goods lift

New MDL Industrial models for logistics and warehousing Our MDLs have been making the vertical transportation of goods safer and more efficient for a long time. Now our new MDL Industrial models will be joining our existing range. They are designed and constructed to meet the needs of advanced logistics centers and warehouses. Elevator companies, […]

Use the downtime period wisely

After a year of hard work, your lifting equipment will have experienced routine wear and tear. Maintenance and overhauls are essential, but the downtime is also ideal for upgrades and improvements. “That is certainly how many of our customers are seeing it,” says Martin Pambor, Sales Director at VPG. “We have listened to what they […]