Aritco is an award-winning manufacturer of specialist lifts for public and home settings worldwide. When Production Technician Almir Cehic wanted to improve ergonomics and safety in the Stockholm production facility, he found the solution in the PalletPal spring level loader.

Almir has worked in assembly as well as production management, so his operational and strategic insights played an important role when he was presented with the challenge. “I know about the problems with unloading pallets from painful experience,” he says. “You get the first few off easily, because they are at the right height. Then it gets more and more awkward, and dangerous, the more you unload.”

The safer, more ergonomic solution: PalletPal

While researching possible solutions, Almir discovered PalletPal, the spring-actuated level loader that makes loading and unloading pallets faster, safer, and easier. “As soon as I saw PalletPal, I realized it was what I was looking for,” says Almir. “It is spring-actuated, and maintains loads up to 2040 kg at a constant height as we unload individual items. That is what we need for our heavier engines, for example.”

A further ergonomic benefit comes from the PalletPal turntable. “With easy nearside unloading always available, our colleagues in production enjoy a dramatically lower risk of strain or injury at work. This all contributes to high efficiency and productivity,” says Almir. “And just as importantly, it helps maintain our colleagues’ health and wellbeing.”

Easy installation

For Almir and Aritco, their customers’ health and wellbeing are important too. “Our unique self-supporting lifts have integrated shafts,” he points out. “That makes them easy to install in just about any home, which is really satisfying when you want to enable older or less able people to live in their own homes for longer.”

Aritco’s lift solutions can move five or six people safely and comfortably up to 15 m, which covers most domestic and public applications. “Our lifts are compact with integrated shafts, so installation is quick and easy,” says Almir. He says installing a PalletPal is equally simple: “You just put a PalletPal where it is needed, and it is ready to go. They do not require a power or air supply.”

Aritco now keeps five PalletPals busy in the factory. “They have successfully solved our problem. We are really happy with PalletPal’s simplicity and all the ergonomic benefits is has given us,” concludes Almir.

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