We are currently conducting hydraulic tests on Europe’s largest lift table right here in central Göteborg.

For the first time, we’ve successfully lifted a real truck weighing 24,700kg to the rooftop! Although the lift table is designed for future operations with vehicles up to 22,000kg, this test required exceeding that weight limit. As you peer down from our elevated position, be sure not to get too dizzy—we’re more than ten meters up in the air atop what is set to become one of the world’s most stunning buildings.

Keep an eye out for more updates on the innovative lift table solution we’re developing to transport vehicles to the top floor of this soon-to-be iconic Göteborg landmark, the new World of Volvo.

Proud Sponsor of Team Rynkeby – God Morgon Helsingborg

We are thrilled to announce that we are continuing our journey as a proud sponsor of Team Rynkeby – God Morgon Helsingborg! This European charity project unites passionate individuals every year to raise funds for children with cancer and their families. The participants, organized into various teams, culminate their fundraising efforts by cycling over 1,200 […]

Growing Careers and Cultivating Success: The Inspiring Stories of Alexander and Fredrik

At our company, we take pride in nurturing growth and career development from within. The journeys of our employees exemplify our commitment to fostering a culture that promotes growth, innovation, and a win-win environment for all. Today, we showcase the inspiring stories of Alexander and Fredrik, two dedicated professionals who have made significant strides in […]