At our company, we take pride in nurturing growth and career development from within. The journeys of our employees exemplify our commitment to fostering a culture that promotes growth, innovation, and a win-win environment for all. Today, we showcase the inspiring stories of Alexander and Fredrik, two dedicated professionals who have made significant strides in their careers within our EMEA team.

Alexander’s Journey:

Alexander’s professional path began as a consultant at Volvo before he joined our company. Armed with two master’s degrees in Product Development and Production Engineering, he started in the Engineering department. Alexander quickly transitioned to process development and business systems change, and within just over a year, he assumed group management responsibilities for hydraulics and electronics and has now accepted the role as Purchasing Manager.

Alexander Stensson: A Visionary Purchasing Manager Leading the Way
Alexander Stensson: A Visionary Purchasing Manager Leading the Way

When discussing the keys to his success, Alexander emphasizes the importance of critical thinking and the desire to simplify processes. “I don’t want to do unnecessary work,” he explains. “If I see a process or activity that can be simplified or automated, I put my mind to it.” Alexander believes his strength lies in identifying these hurdles and overcoming them by implementing new processes and more efficient ways of working. “It helps me find ways to make my colleagues more efficient,” Alexander adds. This approach is a testament to his ability to strategize and think tactically.

For those aspiring to succeed at our company, Alexander underscores the importance of drive, self-confidence, and the willingness to share one’s ideas. He adds, “You must have a genuine interest in something, and then success will follow.”

Fredrik’s Journey:

Fredrik began his journey with us over ten years ago as a welder. After completing his high school education in electrical engineering, he was hired full-time and worked in various roles, including assembly and welding. When the opportunity arose to transition from a blue-collar position to a service role as an electrical designer, Fredrik seized it. This move ultimately led to his new position as Manager for Electronics and Hydraulics.

Collaborative Minds: Alexander and Fredrik Strategizing for Project Success
Collaborative Minds: Alexander and Fredrik Strategizing for Project Success

Fredrik credits his success to curiosity, a desire to learn more, and a passion for the products and technology our company offers. When asked about the essential skills and traits for success, he states, “Willpower goes a long way. Combine curiosity and courage, and you have a winning formula.”

For those starting at our company and looking to advance, Fredrik’s advice is simple: “Show initiative and be willing to step up. Don’t be afraid to seize opportunities as they arise – there are plenty within the company. Don’t be sceptical of your abilities; believe in yourself and just go for it.”

Innovation in Action: Fredrik Larsson and Carl-Johan Fogelberg Exploring New Product Possibilities
Innovation in Action: Fredrik Larsson and Carl-Johan Fogelberg Exploring New Product Possibilities

As a company, our strength lies in our mindset and our ability to listen to our customers and meet their needs, Fredrik explains. By doing so, we can continue to grow – both as individuals and as a company.

Alexander and Fredrik’s stories demonstrate our dedication to growing and succeeding together, cultivating a supportive and familial atmosphere, and valuing the skills and expertise of our employees. Through this culture, we continue to create a win-win environment for everyone involved.

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