USM is the renowned Swiss modular furniture systems manufacturer for commercial and domestic markets. Its new facility in Leipzig brings assembly closer to key markets in Germany and other export markets. USM will be leaner, with shorter lead times and improved competitiveness. Sixty VPG lift tables will play a key role in the new facility.

Constant refinement at USM

Swiss manufacturing is synonymous with precision, quality, and dependability. USM’s modular furniture is a fine example. The company uses only the finest materials and has the best-trained and most highly skilled workforce. Supported by cutting-edge robotic machinery, USM aims to constantly refine their processes to ensure constant refinement of their products.

Premium products from USM

Full support from VPG

USM brings the same approach to its customer relationships. Its new assembly facility in Leipzig will make the company even closer to its customers in Germany and elsewhere. Detlev Dörnbrack, VPG’s Sales Manager in Germany, is proud of VPG’s contribution to the new center: “USM manufactures products with world-leading quality, so they must maintain the highest standards at every step in the process. Our lift tables – all sixty of them – will streamline USM’s operations and help them achieve their objectives.”

Working faster, smarter, safer

Detlev points out that this huge order is not the first from USM. “They already use around a hundred of our lift tables,” he says. “For USM, the big benefit is the improved ergonomics. Our lift tables help their people work smarter, which increases throughput while minimizing any risk to workers’ health.” Protecting workers’ health is more than a kind gesture, of course. It is also a very effective way of reducing absence and staff turnover with all their associated costs.

VPG ready for the challenge

USM needed their new lift tables in place in double-quick time – just three months from ordering. “Quite a challenge!” observes Håkan Westerberg, Production Manager at VPG’s Ängelholm site. “But challenges are what make the job so exciting.” VPG used the quieter period at the end of last year to prepare for higher production now things are opening up again. “We were all ready to go, thanks to our factory initiatives to improve processes and raise quality,” says Håkan.

USM will be using their new lift tables on their furniture assembly lines to maneuver steel panels and wall panels quickly and safely. “Our lift tables do the heavy work,” explains Detlev. “This frees the workforce to apply their specialist skills safely and ergonomically, confident that our rugged lift tables are taking all the strain.”

Labinot Mulaj and Flemming Pedersen producing new USM lift tables
Labinot Mulaj and Flemming Pedersen producing new USM lift tables

VPG’s Hybrids hit the sweet spot

“We are supplying our new Hybrid tables for USM’s facility,” says Detlev. “One of their advantages is that they hit the sweet spot for customer value in terms of cost and performance. That is because our new production technology reduces our manufacturing costs. And we have minimized welding, which makes maintaining these Hybrid lift tables quicker and easier, further reducing costs for our customers.”

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